Join us for our highly-interactive group workshop


Acquire tips & tools to network effectively

& with more confidence!

Who is this workshop designed for?

Our program is most valuable for junior and mid-level professionals who are new to and/or not yet fully comfortable with their networking skills.

What are some of the topics that are covered in the workshop?

    • Understanding & appreciating the importance of networking

    • Preparing for a networking event / opportunity

    • Building confidence to meet new people

    • Making a good first impression

    • Empowering the introvert

    • Building relationships

    • Working a room

    • Practicing your own introduction / elevator pitch

    • Joining a conversation

    • Networking challenges

    • Overcoming fear and discomfort

    • Networking ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts

    • Appreciating the importance of both content and delivery

You will have multiple opportunities

to incorporate newly acquired skills

& practice networking in real time

in a safe environment.