We’re proud of the positive impact our clients have experienced

from our Group Workshops and Individual Coaching engagements

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Behavioral Presentation Coaching

  • The training you provided was priceless. No doubt in my mind it will enable me to prepare myself for success!!
  • Insightful and helps break down ‘presentation’ into tangible, digestible pieces. Introspective.
  • This program exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot and will take many new ideas with me
  • This program is valuable to anyone presenting regardless of experience
  • You tailored this so well to our company and our internal communication goals
  • This is helpful, not only for professional improvement, but also in personal life
  • It helped me already today
  • It’s very helpful to be coached & it’s almost impossible to find the time to do it without external help
  • Your Behavioral Presentation Coaching Workshop was a fantastic learning opportunity  
  • Working collaboratively the group benefited from the interactive, educational & fun exercises.  You are an expert team!
  • My delivery was noticeably enhanced as a result of your guidance
  • Liz and Steve took what can be a very uncomfortable task to do (show our weaknesses) and made it fun, useful & positive
  • They bring the added benefit of both the male & female perspective
  • I have been to other presentation classes that were too general. The fact that you knew the audience and understood the specific challenges of our “day-to-day” presentations made this a very useful program
  • It was beneficial for people at various levels of presentation skills, meaning it was useful for a beginner like me, but also for someone more seasoned looking to refine their skills / “up their game”
  • Very engaging. Good use of ‘games’ to help identify development areas
  • It helps one learn about themselves to better themselves in large conferences or small groups
  • It’s hard to imagine not holding this type of training for anyone who gives presentations
  • Everyone can use a professional coach for presentations. It is one of the soft skills that don’t come naturally even to presenters that present on a regular basis

Women’s Leadership Workshops

  • Hands down the most engaging, knowledge-filled conference I’ve attended to date
  • I recommend this session to women, especially as they are growing their careers, as it can help build awareness of their communication styles & assist them with building their brand & developing their career
  • Very helpful to me to further my communication with senior management
  • I feel inspired to better myself & be more assertive and confident at work
  • This program is revealing & necessary for personal & professional growth & comfort
  • Very helpful workshop for women who aren’t confident in their presentation skills. Applies to more than professional situations.
  • I felt validated and liked that I learned new, useful things… refreshing way to examine how I work and interact with others
  • Made me aware of things that I was doing & not doing. Moving forward, this program will help me be more intentional with my interactions
  • A lot of valuable information. Makes you think about some things you typically wouldn’t. Enjoyed how interactive it was rather than lecture-style
  • Resourceful to think about how we carry ourselves, first impressions, speaking up for ideas and networking
  • Amazing reflection of how I portray myself to others
  • Helpful for everyone, every level. Knowing your behavior will help convey thoughts / ideas
  • Motivating & inspiring for women to know they can break through the ‘boys club’ mentality
  • Nice to realize I’m not the only woman facing the same challenges
  • Helped me recognize many areas I can improve upon but also acknowledge my strengths
  • Covered a lot of topics women struggle with but don’t have anyone to turn to for help
  • Reveals many issues that are so integral to my everyday life but I don’t stop to think about because I’m so focused on my day-to-day workflow 

Capital Raising Roadshow Prep

  • We will not launch a new fund without first bringing Liz and Steve in to work with the team
  • Great training for anyone who is client-facing
  • We engaged Steve Felix and Elizabeth Weiner to help us prepare for our upcoming business development roadshow. They worked us hard, and we got results. Liz and Steve have a unique style and incorporate an effective combination of formal coaching and creative (and actually enjoyable) exercises
  • Valuable on multiple levels.  We learned individually and as a group. We are now better prepared to go live with our pitch
  • You can add a tremendous amount of value for any organization looking to improve their client facing activities
  • Great opportunity to be coached by outside experts
  • Good session, right amount of time and format, valuable for entire group
  • Improves self-awareness, opens communication between team members, improves material
  • Very productive and good before going on the road

Investor Conference Prep

  • Steve Felix and his partner, Elizabeth Weiner, facilitated a presentation coaching workshop with our senior team.  It was extremely well received.  The coaching helped focus and improve the presentation skills of our executives immediately, in advance of our annual investor conference.  As an added bonus, the workshop proved to be a fun and worthwhile team building exercise.  
  • I want to express my gratitude for your help in improving my communication effectiveness. My colleagues complimented me on the relaxed style and audience engagement observed as I presented to clients at our annual conference.  I attribute much of my improvement to the time I spent with you.  My delivery was noticeably enhanced as a result of your guidance.  I look forward to working with you in the future
  • Our investor conference went better than great.  Your suggestion to have our younger people speak about their deals was something I had been thinking about but when you talked about it it was all I needed.  I’m happy to be a reference for you anytime
  • Our presentations were crisp and on time
  • People were well-prepared and presentations were shorter and to the point

Improving Networking Skills

  • Made me more confident and feel like I want to try going to networking sessions
  • I’ve been at a few networking events since then and have been practicing asking open-ended questions (and introducing myself) with the tips you shared, it’s made it a lot easier!
  • ​​Really enjoyed this!  Will definitely be using this for the upcoming ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) conference and networking
  • Very helpful practice
  • Thanks so much for working with our students today in your all-day networking workshop.  Your intimate knowledge of the real estate business combined with your savvy social skills give the students a rare opportunity to understand networking in a professional context. I appreciate what you do.  Your workshop has always been the highest rated workshop of our program
  • Teaches you practical skills, questions and preparation methods to use in daily life
  • Good way to meet people

Moderator / Panelist Coaching

  • It was fabulous and made me aware of how to be a good moderator & panelist
  • Workshop provided excellent techniques for controlling Panel as a moderator. Gave good techniques for panelists
  • Examples of tips and to do’s / not to do’s. Practicing in a safe setting
  • Having never been a panelist and only been a moderator once, great tips and direction
  • Practical tips that one can take away from the workshop and immediately put into action 
  • I feel more prepared
  • Very helpful and thought-provoking
  • So many tips on how to present – esp. the moderator tips. Very helpful advice on physical presentation / how to engage
  • Great panels / great instruction
  • Pointed methods for diverting from ramblers.  I can use these in investor presentations where it happens a lot!
  • Evaluation after mock panel.  Great observations
  • The ‘Rambler’ guidelines / The role-play panels – great! / Very practical / actionable advice
  • Small and interactive. You’re both clearly experts and good role models

Individual Coaching

  • Love how you have impacted my life in just a short time.  It was the smoothest presentation I’ve ever done, I used your template and reworked my slide deck to flow with that!  
  • Able to communicate content productively and felt an inner confidence while delivering my message
  • I appreciate the opportunity to go deep into all of the dynamics of my business – we uncovered a lot… The impact started during our time and it is lasting [LinkedIn, business card, pitching, bio, about us, Q&A]… It gave me specific areas and tools to apply the new knowledge. I greatly appreciate your guidance 
  • I give a ton of credit to you for helping me with my presentation skills as well as self confidence. 

Executive Coaching

  • Able to garner success in applying the content of our coaching sessions in meaningful ways, which made me feel like I accomplished something that was worthwhile, not only for myself, but also for the board members and management attendees 
  • The techniques that I have begun to apply from our sessions, and the confidence I am gaining will be great assets to assist in transitioning well into the next phase of our governance and communications in this area of board interaction serving within our company and on behalf of our investors and other stakeholders.  
  • Thanks for helping and encouraging me along my path in this journey! It was a pleasure working together with you.
  • I appreciate the strategies and constructive critiques you shared during our session. I am excited to practice them. I actually used some today on a call and in my 1:1 with the CEO

Enhancing Communication & Teamwork

  • It really makes everyone think as a group and it becomes a fun, collaborative effort
  • Provides tools on how to build morale
  • A great session that helps address issues that are persistent and on-going
  • This workshop allows and provides a safe space for everyone to open up and enjoy themselves while learning new tools
  • We all picked up on various reminders on how to react / behave in situations. It gave us some time to bond with co-workers. And we all felt appreciated.
  • Learning the various communication styles allows someone to see the different perspectives of other people; especially those who want to improve or understand how to better communicate
  • Very helpful tools that anybody, in any industry, can learn and utilize
  • The framework and thought exercises are very useful especially the Communications Styles portion since it is such a big part of our lives
  • Great for general life skills.  It really emphasizes listening and keeping an open mind which are traits that many do not have
  • Good to examine your current actions and thoughts
  • It’s an eye-opener how to relate to others, situations and work on how you would do it differently
  • You get to cover many topics that are relevant to the everyday world

Interview Skills, Drills & Thrills 

  • Thank you for your help preparing for the interviews.  I was ready for whatever came my way
  • You’ve been very instrumental in my ‘career rebranding’ mission. My interviewer said, “your passion for what you do really comes out in your voice and energy” – I can’t express my gratitude enough. Couldn’t have done it without you
  • After our session I felt much more confident about my ability to speak purposefully in an interview and effectively sell myself.  I learned how to handle difficult interview questions and respond to them with poise and confidence.
  • Our coaching session greatly improved my interviewing skills – as you know I received multiple internship offers!
  • The advice and tools I took away from the session clearly made a difference and will continue to help me as I begin my career in commercial real estate after graduation.
  • There is no doubt in my mind that your interview skills and career coaching would be extremely valuable to other students who are beginning the recruiting process. I definitely saw drastic improvement  
  • I am writing to thank you for your wonderful workshop. I did learn a lot with regard to interviewing and polishing my resume. I also learned the seemingly minor things such as tips of shaking hands and the importance of a thank you note like this. The workshop was very engaging and my classmates and I improved from it. I hope more and more individuals can benefit from your coaching because it is really, really helpful, not only in the business world, but almost within all other environments. Thank you again!