Global Professional Development Coaches

“We engaged Steve Felix and Liz Weiner…

They worked us hard and we got results.”

With 20 years of corporate and non-profit human resources experience, Liz has provided comprehensive HR support and training to diverse business units including health care, corporate real estate, global facilities, environmental sustainability, conference center management, and transportation.
Liz has coached and counseled employees at all levels to improve performance, communication and presentation skills.
Liz earned her Master’s degree in Human Resources and a BA in Psychology, minoring in Communications and Sociology. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Mental Fitness Coach (CPQC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and a certified Empowerment Workshop Facilitator. Liz is a volunteer leader of a women’s support group in New York City.


Steve has been a trusted advisor to senior executives in the U.S. and Europe for more than 3 decades.  He nurtures a vast cross-generational, global network.
Steve has been on the giving and receiving end of thousands of presentations.  He is a sought-after event moderator and chairperson.
“It’s great how we’ve blended our backgrounds to craft our unique ‘Behavioral Presentation Coaching’ methodology.  Even the most experienced presenters tell us that the tools they take away from our workshop are valuable.  Sometimes it’s the subtle changes we make in someone’s presentation that make the biggest difference!”


“It’s exciting to hear our clients and workshop participants tell us what a difference we’ve made in their presentations!  Once they think of the ‘presentation’ as a ‘conversation’ it removes much of their stress.  Some of the women who’ve joined our Women’s Leadership Workshops have said that the experience was ‘life-changing.’  How fabulous is that to hear!”

Liz & Steve raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity, perspective and inclusion, especially in male-dominated industries