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Welcome to Felix/ Weiner Women on Board! We appreciate your involvement and support!

In March 2018, we announced the exciting launch of Felix/ Weiner Women on Board. This service will connect commercial real estate women with firms seeking to add diversity to their Board of Directors, Advisory Boards, Investment Committees, etc. The response has been enthusiastic- to say the least!

Felix/ Weiner Women on Board is a logical evolution and extension of our Commercial Real Estate Women’s Leadership Program.

We have run dozens of Women’s Leadership Workshops- across the U.S. and in London- exclusively for women in the global commercial/ institutional real estate industry and are passionate supporters of women in commercial real estate.

Our highly- interactive workshops are designed to help women in the male-dominated commercial real estate industry develop and enhance their professional presence. Hundreds of women- at all stages in their commercial real estate careers- have participated since 2014!

Felix Weiner Women on Board does not charge a fee, either to the individual or to the firm.

If you are an experienced commercial real estate woman looking to be considered by commercial real estate industry firms for ‘board’ seats or if your firm is interested in adding female diversity, please click the appropriate button below and complete the online form. You will receive a personal email from us with the next steps in this important and meaningful chapter for the commercial real estate industry.


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Individual Women

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