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Since 2016 we have conducted customized, virtual coaching for professionals around the globe. 










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Behavioral Presentation Coaching

Improving your presentation, communication and delivery skills. Learn how to develop and deliver clear, crisp and concise messaging for internal or external audiences.


Women’s Leadership Workshops

Designed for women at all levels in their career to develop and enhance professional presence, confidence and their unique personal brand.  

Capital Raising Roadshow Prep

Present your firm’s story, track record and investment opportunity with confidence. Be more impactful and effective meeting with current and potential institutional investors. Fine tune the dynamics of your team presentations. Multiple role-play simulations provide tips and tools for conducting successful in-person, phone and virtual meetings.  

Investor Conference Prep

Your investors want to hear what’s going on with their investments and your firm. They want to be assured about your continued fiduciary alignment of interest. Focus on how to convey current market conditions, your firms’ portfolio / property status and future plans. Learn how to present powerful takeaways with confidence, transparency and engagement.  

Webinar Coaching

Developing and enhancing your webinar performance skills to dynamically present yourself and your firm and deliver memorable takeaways to the audience.  

Moderator / Panelist Coaching

Develop more confidence and stage presence when representing yourself and your firm on virtual panels and in-person at conferences and industry events. 

Individual Coaching

Private sessions designed to improve your presentation and communication skills. Gain confidence and learn self-coaching and debrief techniques for continual self-development

Executive Coaching

Confidential coaching program for senior executives. Discuss current challenges and develop multi-faceted plans that further team-building, engagement and connectivity across your firm

Enhancing Communication & Teamwork

Creating more impactful & inclusive communication across business units and between management and staff.  Valuable for improving effectiveness of virtual communication across multiple offices and remote locations

Improving Networking Skills

While beneficial at any point in your career, this program is most valuable for junior and mid-level professionals who are new to and/or not yet fully comfortable with their networking skills – both face-to-face and virtually

Interview Skills, Drills & Thrills

From students looking for their first job to mid-level and senior executives in career transition, this coaching workshop focuses on presenting yourself and your professional story to take the next step up the ladder. Learn how to make an interview a ‘two-way street.’ Program incorporates interview role-plays with human resources (Liz) and hiring manager (Steve). Valuable for individuals and/or groups.

All our virtual workshops incorporate role-playing exercises that simulate real-life situations and include tips and tools for successful and engaging virtual meetings.

Testimonials from our Virtual Clients!

Behavioral Presentation Coaching

  • I absolutely recommend this workshop: In our current working environment – pre, during, and post – Covid effective presentation / speaking is a critical skill in almost any job / industry.”

  • “I will definitely make great use of the lessons learned!”

  • “…was valuable for team building

  • “It was good to learn best practices for virtual presentations in light of the current climate”

  • “Incorporate the small tips and tricks that can make a big impact on delivery

  • “…feedback is thoughtful and provided in an unintimidating way.  There is a lot of information to help not just the actual presentation but the prep before”

  • “…brings a useful form of self-awareness and reflection to people who may not slow down enough day-to-day to consider the impact of past presentations

  • “…great program and I really feel like I learned a lot

  • “… very informative, constructive, interactive, and directly relatable

Women’s Leadership Workshops

  • Brilliant interactive workshop. Thank you for sharing so many powerful tools

  • “I really loved the workshop; I learned a lot and discovered new and hidden things about myself. I am thankful for Liz and Steve, you are both very good at this; you inspire a lot of trust.” 

  • “…a FANTASTIC and very insightful workshop”

  • This workshop would be helpful for every woman in the world, because not all women are aware that they could be incredible leaders, business owners or have an amazing career.”

  • “I would recommend [the workshop] to women who are or want to become powerful and successful leaders.”

  • “Both of you are very aware of the practical challenges that female leaders have in the working world. And this program teaches us to raise awareness on how to detect these situations and how to overcome them with specific actions.”

  • “…thank you both for having given the workshop and for the advice you gave us…. very valuable, and helped me to realize the issues I need to improve when talking about my personal and professional achievements.” 

  • “Thanks a lot for showing us tips to grow personally and professionally!”