A multi-dimensional interactive group workshop designed to improve presentation and communication skills for those who present:

…at internal meetings                                   …on panels

…to consultants                                              …on conference calls

…to investment committees                    …at due diligence meetings

…on teams with colleagues                       …at industry & networking events

…new business development pitches


  • Create positive first impressions

  • Reduce anxiety and develop confidence

  • Raise awareness of distracting verbal and non-verbal habits

  • Develop crisp, clear & concise messaging

  • Present key points with clarity and impact

  • Craft powerful beginnings & effective wrap-ups

  • Engage audience as well as colleagues

  • Learn to capitalize on strengths and acknowledge areas to improve

  • Refine nuances and subtleties of delivery

  • ‘Read’ audience & make real-time adjustments

  • Understand subtleties of gender perspective

  • Eloquently manage Q&A

  • Realize the value of thoughtful preparation

  • Incorporate powerful debrief techniques

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Customized, multi-dimensional interactive group workshops designed to improve presentation and communication skills in preparation for:

  • Capital-raising meetings with institutional investors

  • Annual Investor Conferences

*Participants receive on-site training and tools for continual self-development


 Sharpen presentation and communication skills of individuals and teams:

  • Develop consistent messaging that is crisp, clear and concise

    • Pinpoint and illuminate key topics

    • Simplify message and story

  • Enhance and enrich overall presentation delivery

    • Develop confidence presenting to large and small groups, and internal and external audiences

    • Convey key points with clarity and impact

    • ‘Know your audience’ and tailor information accordingly

    • Handle random questions and get back on track with poise

  • Sharpen individual presentation skills

    • Create positive first impressions

    • Gain new perspective as a presenter

      • Capitalize on strengths

      • Acknowledge areas to improve

    • Raise awareness of habits that may distract the audience

    • Refine nuances and subtleties of presentation delivery

    • Reduce anxiety to allow full focus on primary objective

    • Engage those around you – audience and fellow team members

    • Discover how to ‘read’ an audience and make adjustments in real-time

  • Strengthen team dynamics

    • Fine-tune the dynamics of team presentations

    • Determine the role each presenter will play at meetings

    • Benefit from role-play simulations of investor and consultant meetings

    • Create smooth transitions among presentation team members

      • Avoid unnecessary duplication of information and responses

      • Be mindful of potential distractions caused by ‘Ping-Pong effect‘

  • Develop and implement presentation strategy:  Pre, During and Post meeting

    • Determine how to connect emotionally with investors

    • Manage meeting/presentation surroundings

    • Bring ‘gender perspective’ to the surface and address this often-overlooked communication dynamic

    • Prepare for and handle Frequently Asked Questions

    • Develop easy and effective post-presentation debrief process

    • Incorporate debrief/follow-up techniques to enhance behavioral change


  • Application of Behavioral Presentation Coaching methodology

  • Role-plays simulations

    • May include combination of individual and/or team presentations / scenarios

  • Observation, evaluation, recommendations and coaching with immediately observable results


  • Programs take place at client location or scheduled off-site


  • Two consecutive half-days:

    • 4-hour session – afternoon of Day 1

    • 4-hour session – morning of Day 2

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